Analysis Short Story “Young Goodman Brown”

Analysis Short Story “Young Goodman Brown”

A. Themes

The themes in the story are religion themed, mysterious and secret story, implicit moral education story/ contain moral or philosophical implications.

B. Plot Summary Plot

Summary in this story is happened in the village of Salem, Massachusetts, in the Puritan community of god-fear. On the front doorstep of his house, his wife kissed by a Young Goodman Brown, and he began the journey into the forest but he did not return the next day. In the other side, He gets a challenge of braving the forest and faces the temptations posed by the forces of evil. Then, Goodman Brown really might want to join the brotherhood of evil also. When in the woods, he meets a mysterious man with a face that resembles likes a snake, and eventually they continue their journey together. From time to time, Brown expressed a desire to return, but his feet kept him away move on. Along the way, there are members of the clergy, through their journey, while Brown hid behind the bark. At that meeting location, he experienced a terrible shock when he discovers that his beautiful wife, a plain also participate. Young Goodman Brown really surprised because he saw his wife, and in his heart, “why my wife could be in their members” but he’s still trying to find known until he participated in the group and see more about their activities. After the incident Young Goodman Brown was never the same again, he was one who liked to be sad when he had it firmly, like the gloomy solitude, a desperate man “. Finally, in this story he died (young goodman brown) leaving his wife and family.  Continue reading

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