Under The Auspices of The Patromak Light

Under The Auspices Of The Patromak Light  Subsided.

Under the auspices of the patromak night  subside, the sun was now calming over the loss of light. Night has come, the sun was now calming over the loss of light.

The ran into a chicken cage in which they do not appear to see clearly in line with the loss of the evening sun.

When they enjoy the beautiful darkness of the night with a clang light, while many are still in darkness and continue to hold accompany night.

only the faithful accompany patromak night, they sneak off and hold fighting in the darkness who scared them.

Pleasure they felt that night with the darkness light forest, they looked far far darkness that still hold up.

Under Patromak, the light they see dark night, eat, study and sleep they always are in themselves not powerless with a patromak light.

Under the auspices of Patromak independent . 

This property, not only for us but for the wealthy who can not feel how hectic life in the dark night.

Above of broadcast that reflect in the darkness of night but only just containing dark tumultuous night in the dark as far asleep.

Home run in patromak light that many times because of loss of oil off the land that is now somewhere where it is located.

The cities full of shining light and that always reside in crowded the night, but we can only continue to pray as we still hope that there is a soul, that is lighten that illuminate our night in the dark forest, and always under patromak light.

Crying eyes by a block-hole, just because the night who still get excited with the way the darkness in front of this.
Under the auspices of Patromak independent .

The light is visible in the distance is only tens of kilo meters away, therefore to see who sprained in isolation of uproar in the night.

Continue to fall and drop off at night and just be a patromak who always crave when the night comes.

They were far away in the city there light who continue to enjoy the brilliant but we under poor village far only be patromak light that is now only one owned.

Brands far in the city there is only a living there then crowded  with sparkling light far, we see that distant under poor village  stranded far from immune light not by the wealth and grandeur of our beloved Indonesia United.

Under patromak light we are seeing the tears that continue crying blood not freeze because of the dark night to contemplate cloudy and no worm.

Freedom, the freedom and freedom is to reverberate over Indonesia, but see, look and see that indeed we under poor village far from independent of Indonesia, that is independent from the darkness.

Who should provable, whether we or they, see, and indeed we continue to see the large sense of independence.
Free for free from my village in this dark.

Under The Auspices of Patromak Independent  Light.

Bandung, 6 August 2009


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