Lucky or Unlucky, Let’s Check Here!!!!!

You are so Lucky when you born in rich one. You are Unlucky when you born in poor one, the lucky are not really lucky. Unlucky will be lucky soon of course, if you know the best lucky of your life here. We could both make fun of here or distance of you, the lucky fact of your existences, experiences life. Lucky that everyone that loving you, another one can’t feel what you felt but everyone can know what you thought

To count the freckles on your life, its hard be you and others. Never could imagine them only here. Ten Million ways to love somebody when you see and know their, their just little bit from us. You can see the rich one can eat every day, Can choose the great or more enjoy the life, enjoy the facilities, Can do anything and can feel anything that made their happy. In another side, the poor one is not really yet, to hang on and carry on this life and found the eating. They have to hard efforts to get it. Doesn’t know how many time to find it, thinking for their sons and their family

whenever, wherever we’re not meant to be together here, the rich one can drive the car. Awhile of another one just work at the traffic, they’ll be there and you’ll be near of them and did you feel them

Lucky that my lips not only mumble, they spill kisses like a fountain. Lucky that my life is not small and humble. So you don’t confuse them with their life. Lucky I have strong legs like my mother with rich one and to run for cover when you need it.

Whenever, wherever we’re not meant to be together here. The rich one can drive the car and Awhile of another one just work at the traffic. They’ll be there and you’ll be near of them and did you feel them. Makeover their life with your part, your experiences life. Thinking out louder for help their who need your participation. Say it again to hold some of they can feel whatever and wherever you feel nicely.

You have happy days but they can’t, you have nice dress they can’t, you have great house but they can’t, you can buy anything but they can’t. You as the lucky one, ever you think to bring them for real their life and got the same with you or not, the answer just in you heart.


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  1. pakabar?
    Ikutan 4th IBSN award yuk..
    Informasi dan ketentuan silahkan baca di sini
    IBSN= Karena Berbagi Tak Pernah Rugi..


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