Rambo Or Sniper

Who does not know about Rambo, the famous soldier of courage and will be also a weapon that is used a lot and always wear a chain. While Sniper of course you know, its means sharpshooter in English but the relationship about what I said between Rambo and sniper. In this situation, we will compare between Rambo and the sniper, let’s see one by one.

Rambo, usually against the enemy in a very dodgy and can use any weapon well, pulling weapons, especially with the guns or whatever, will surely described already use the weapons made by Rambo. Yes right in killing their enemies or anything that makes it to defend themselves, usually Rambo using weapons, especially weapons or the storm in other words do not know how much the bullet is removed, the most important and also all the enemies are dead or destroyed by Rambo. It can be for only one enemy bullet can spend 20 or more of it because it is likes and also the nature of Rambo. If the enemies have 10 or 100 shots, how the enemy will be spent you can calculate that, is not it? It is correct will surely spend a lot of bullet and it is much cost and energy drain. In addition to the expertise of the shoot with the famous brutal and unthinkingly very thick with Rambo character’s.

Secondly is a sniper, in a fight or kill enemy sniper also surely have to be vigilant and to do a full calculation or think fully. We’ll see a lot of Rambo missile’s for kill a single enemy, if we see the sniper rarely sure if removing the bullet is not needed, or more precisely one bullet one enemy or opponent. Sniper also Use it with well planned and when the time is right to shoot and also the time when the issue under the right target and not fumble. Using a sniper shot one bullet one enemy, and also affected by certain right shot. We see in the hamstring or the like criminals flock sniper sure there everywhere and be on the alert to shoot on target and does not fumble. Use of weapons is a good form of guns and other weapons defense also, for example in use of knives or other weapons also skillfully played because I was a soldier, and certainly has the weapons to maintain minimal self.

That is the description of two figures that we known together and very close to our ears. If we browse through the second of these figures have certain similarities and also differences. To clear the equality of same think likes a noose that good with the killing or defeat criminals, terrorists or enemies and even has a soul and never dare to tremble in the face their enemies. Rambo can martial, sniper also, Rambo advanced in the use of weapons and martial science as well as sniper surely can also. That is the description of the equality of the two figures which can be described and very close to our ears. Now we discuss the difference between the that figures, we see the differences that is the most obvious and very clear from the second loop is in the use of weapons, especially the gun and the likes is obviously different, Rambo use weapons, especially with the gun bullet to spend a lot of enemies and imagine how much is needed to finish off the opponent or enemy of the many, not the bullet for that is required. Now compare it with the sniper or sharpshooter is also called, for one enemy or opponent only one bullet is needed and also guaranteed the right target and does not slip out of the shot on target. One bullet one enemy that is the thing that’s tacky and not sniper Crazy-blind in Shot the Gun clearly very different in the two figures.

View of the second loop is let’s try the second analysis of these figures, it is very clear if we see clearly in terms of the soldiers were soldiers and use the same weapons to disable and defeat their enemies. After viewing both the similarities and differences of the two figures are very familiar hearing we certainly can make the picture and we will also speculation the advantages and disadvantages of both these figures. Now is the most important figures that describes the yourself and also whether we like our attitude and the nature of the Sniper or Rambo, the most important is how we act and also make a sticky with the activities of the activities we do and we get it. Best of all there is on yourself and only you can answer It.?

And what relationship is between these two figures with this life and what we can take its meaning from the figures that can be called a hero. Let’s see the situation in this life, we see from the character of the two figures, and clearly in the fight and finish off the opponent is the Rambo we can spend a lot of one shot to the enemy or the opponent but one Sniper shot one enemy. So also with this life, if we a businessman in micro and macro market, boss or supervisors, employees or civil servants, plans or actions taken that determine the future direction, as if we can be called Rambo crazy-blind or as a default Sniper quiet, planned and targeted so although Rambo also targeted, but clearly the difference in achieving the target, not or Yes? Once again, the answers are all on your own self you in determining the nature and attitude that we will do the fore.

Good Luck, Do The Best One For The Best Purpose. Think Likes Who in Above, When You Want to do something..?? The Answer just in yours, The Wrong Way That You Choose It’ll Have Bad or Good Effects.

If You Found The Incorrect of Grammar Please Give Me The Correction Sentences Of My Writing, Thanks alot.


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